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Monday, April 19, 2010

Look pretty for the camera

We received all the photos from our newborn shoot with Lily. I did not intend to be in any of the pictures... hence the nursing tank, no makeup, and naturally dried hair.  Oh well they didn't turn out too badly! Please enjoy!  (note there are no cute "sleep" photos b/c girl was wide awake and refused to mellow for us, so we'll just enjoy her blue eyes while she still has them)

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Month

I'm trying to type this with Lily cradled on my lap.  She's being a little needy tonight, and Cayce's upstairs asleep since he has a 2:00 AM wake-up for a 9 mile Crucible hike with the recruits tonight/tomorrow, blck!

Lily is one month old today!!  I still look at her everyday thinking to myself what a blessing we  have received.  I still cannot believe she is really here.  *sigh* She is a miracle.

So much has happened in this first month!  Lily's developing on target, and she's really putting on the ounces.  She's nearing nine pounds!  Her smelly umbilical stump finally fell off... and Cayce made the mistake of throwing it in the trash.  Guess who had the privilege of digging it *out* of the trash so I could put it in a ziploc bag for her baby book... not ME!  hehhehe  Cayce was less than thrilled, thought I was crazy and, that thing smelled sooooo badly!  Her eyes are still blue, and her hair is getting thicker.  We're definitely starting to understand her cries, and she rarely cries for the fun of crying.  We can't wait to see what this coming month brings!!
Lily slept through the obligatory Easter Bunny picture. 

We enjoyed our first Easter together as a family.  Cayce had to work that Sunday.  That's why he's in uniform.

We celebrated Cayce's 27th Birthday with a surprise lunch at his office.

Traveled to Charleston and Cypress Gardens.  Played with the butterflies, and enjoyed her first canoe ride... contrary to what the pictures look like!  (the weather was HOT and she wasn't in the sun for very long.  It was actually quite shady there)

 Lily's definitely the best Easter gift either of us has ever received!

The girl knows how to vogue!

She's so loved.  Love, love, love her!