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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2011 (about a month later :-) )

Baby Elephant

As you can see Lily was a super cute elephant for Halloween.  Totally appropriate for our planned Halloween outing. We enjoyed Norfolk's Zoo Boo for our Halloween celebration. Zoo Boo was held the Sunday before Halloween. It was packed with all kinds of super cute kids dressed for the occasion, and  the zoo also had different activities for the children and visitors.  The most notable change for the holiday was the pumpkin eating.  Many of the animals were given pumpkins to play with and eat.  We took our time, and meandered.  Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon. 

Lily's new best friend the orangutan. 

Riding along in the wagon given to her by her aunts, Marty and Randy (she LOVES this thing).

with mommy

Lily, Daddy, and a rhino. 
 Halloween day Cayce and Lily continued their tradition of pumpkin carving Halloween night.  This time instead of taking it to the back porch this task was completed in the comforts of the living room. :-/

Everyone including the dogs was there to help Cayce.

Festive decor

Finished product

We stayed in this year, and had a grand ol' time handing out candy to the children.  This place was BUSY!  I bought 3 bags of candy, and had to run to the drugstore and grab one more b/c the kids were still coming and we were down to 4 pieces.  There was a Chiefs game on so in lieu of dressing up in her elephant costume Lily wore a Chiefs wind suit and fire hat and was the "Chiefs' Fireman" (as opposed to the Jets' fireman). 

With daddy

Lily with her Lily-sized pumpkins, and her Minnie Mouse slippers.