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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture time! Again.

We had pictures taken to celebrate our big girl.  Lily did great!  She was ready for her close up!


Family 2

Family 3 - wish my hair wasn't wonky here

Lily checking out herself on the big computer screen.

Toe Point!

Just chil-laxin'

The face that will get her whatever she wants.

There's a super cute blue teddy bear up there!

And now it's mine!

Hey!  Look at these daisies.  I was almost named Daisy.

Wonder if I can fit these all in my mouth?

Bubbly toes.

Friday, March 25, 2011


 This has been a busy month full of company.  My family left yesterday, and as we speak there are no plans for company on the schedule for anytime in the future.  We now get to get back to our schedule. *whew* break time.

Lily's 1st birthday was this past weekend.  We had a full house for the event, and we enjoyed celebrating the day Lily joined the world.  Lily spent most of the day with Cayce while I ran around like a mad woman getting the last minute things done.  Cayce and she put together Lily's biggest birthday gift.  Her swing set.

Her Grandpa Mautino sent this great gift.  She LOOOOOVES swinging.  She just laughs, giggles, and squeals with each swing.  In her opinion the higher the better.  

Lily was also given a wagon for her birthday from her Oma, Great-Aunt Randy, and Cousin Marty.  I don't have any pictures of her in that yet, b/c I was too busy running all over the yard pulling her and enjoying her squeals to stop and take pictures.  Lily and I go for walks around the neighborhood, but she only gives me 30 minutes and she starts squirming wanting out of the stroller.  My hope is to throw a few toys in the wagon with her and she'll be a bit more tolerant.  

Cayce and I gave Lily an aquarium.  She has three different kinds of goldfish.  Their names are Virginia, Disney, and Mitchell.  All names with significant meaning.  We also have two snails to help keep the aquarium clean.  Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Lily likes to watch them swim and eat.  She traces on the glass their movements. 

Lily was given many many noisy toys.  Toys of all shapes and sizes that play music.  Lily loves music.  She's become quite the dancer.  Whenever there's a beat Lily starts shaking her little bottom, throwing out her arms, and she has some mean jazz hands.  I totally plan for her to follow in my footsteps and start dance when she turns 3.  

I've realized since her birthday is in spring.  Each birthday will probably be filled with toys of an outdoor nature.  Anything to get out and enjoy the warming weather.  Of course no one look at today's weather.  You'd think it was November.  I'll say this just once, and never again.  I miss South Carolina. 

Lily had a lemon meringue pie instead of cake for her birthday.  She loves lemons so I made the decision to go against tradition.

I made Lily her own little tart so she could dig in.

She was uber polite, and didn't make any mess.
Maybe I should have given her practice of
what to do when someone puts a sugary
delight in front of you.  Devour without caution. 
Lily enjoyed her birthday.  We enjoyed celebrating the day.  

Silly Oma, that's MY crown!
MY crown!

I totally expected Lily to sleep poorly that night because of all the excitement and sugar, but she slept through the night without making a peep.  Good thing, mommy was worn out!

As for Lily's day to day she's still not walking, but she's cruising with the best of 'em.  

Door Greeter
I'm not sure how much she weighs or her height.  We haven't had her 12 month check-up.  Lily's wearing size 4 Pamper Cruisers Dry Max diapers, between size two and three shoes, and size 18 mo pants, but 12 mo tops.  Baby got back.

We're making the transition from formula to whole milk.  For the next couple of days we'll continue a half and half mixture, and then we'll bump it to more milk than formula.  Once we get completely rid of the formula my plan is to transition completely from her bottles.  Right now she's using cups and bottles.  One night a couple weeks ago while Cayce was on duty Lily finally figured out the right way to use a straw.  It's been smooth sailing since.  Her favorite foods are blueberries, cherries, lemons, (including Simply Lemonade), and she could eat bowls full of my homemade chicken and noodles.  She's still not a picky eater, and we're eating much more solids during the day.  

She naps for about 3 hours total each day.  She breaks it up between morning and afternoon.  We can skip afternoon naps if need be, but oh no, if we go without that morning nap Lily is a super cranky pants.  Unless miss thang is teething she sleeps solidly through the night from 7:30/8:30 until 7/9 in the morning.  Speaking of teeth.  Lily has her four front bottom teeth, her two front teeth, and her right top tooth.  (forgive the lack of correct terminology)

Lily's in to everything and ridiculously destructive.  As I speak she's taken the kleenex box off the end table and is proceeding to pull each kleenex out.  Too much fun!  Glad it's a cheap box. 

Lily has been enjoying her time at the child care at the Y.  It's nice to go work out come back to pick her up, and see that while other babies have been screaming their heads off Lily's eyes are crystal clear and not a speck of tears are on her face.  We've been going to BabyGarten each week at the Library.  Lily really loves all the corny songs and the the play time after wards.

Now that life is slowing down for us I should be able to update regularly again.  However, speaking of naps... it's Lily's naptime!