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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Week Wait, Maybekindasorta

Yeah, I dunno.

So today was my cycle day 12 check-up. 

Now let me recap the previous cycles.

Each cycle has been the same.  I go in on CD12 get my lovely ultrasound, and the RE looks around, goes, oh there's a couple follicles (follicles become eggs).  Not quite big enough yet, but growing nicely.  Come back in a couple days and we'll check it again.  I go back in on CD14 for another ultrasound, and oh, look, perfect sized follicles ready to go. Then I get a shot of HCG ("trigger") and ovulation follows within a couple days. 

So when looking at the calendar for this cycle Cayce and I were kind of fretting because (historically) CD15ish has been go day.  Well, this month CD15 fell on a duty day.  Duty meaning Cayce is unable to leave the ship for an entire 24 hours.  Well that's inconvenient when one is trying to get pregnant. Cayce thought there was a 37% chance he could do a duty swap or maybe a 12% chance he could actually take leave for the day.  He's one of only a handful of people in his duty section with a specific qualification, and there is little wiggle room when time off is needed.  Oh and guess when that little qualification snafu will get fixed, um never, thanks to Sequestration (drink!).  So the past several days have been kind of worrisome. I've been praying for an earlier timing schedule. Maybe today I'll go in, the follicles will be ready to go, and we won't even have to worry about duty.  Sometimes you get what you ask for.

Cue today: I went to the appointment alone.  Which has only happened once before, but there was no getting out of work early this afternoon.  No biggie.  Lily will go to daycare, and it's just the CD12 scan so nothing too important will happen.  We start the ultrasound. The right ovary has its normal gathering of baby follicles. Perfectly routine. Then things start looking wonky.  Hmmmm what is all that excess fluid? Oh look at the stripe there. Hmmmmm.... shift over to the left ovary.... click, click - measure a follicle... just over 18mm, but shaped funny (not spherical).  Do some more looking, pushing, moving around.  And we're over.  So the RE says here's what I think has happened.  I think you've already ovulated.  Like just ovulated.  Since we didn't do a base line scan this month (like we have previously) I can't be certain.  The biggest indicator is the excess fluid, but then we see this stripe (points to fuzzy black and white picture) and that's a sign of progesterone in your system.  Then we see the big follicle that looks to be collapsing (what happens after ovulation).  She says she has to go by what my uterus is showing her, and my uterus is saying I've ovulated. 

Well boo.  What the crap ovaries, you couldn't wait two freaking days? Usually you go late in the month, and now you're just so ready to get on with it you release that egg early? Geez. She says we could bring me back in a few days, but most likely the scan would still look similar.  So we're not going to do an IUI this month.  Thanks to some fortuitous timing this cycle isn't a complete waste, but it's definitely not looking so hot.  I was a bit sad at first.  Well, really sad.  I was that crazy lady in the parking garage crying silently in my car.  BUT after a while I focused my thoughts and I found a silver lining!! Yay for silver linings!

As I said in a previous post this would be the last month because the timing of the cycle next month and our vacation.  Well if I did indeed ovulate early that means my cycle will now start earlier next month, leaving us plenty of time to continue monitoring.  We may even be able to have an IUI.  At the very least we could get the follicles to the right size, and then the RE could send us to Walt Disney World with the trigger shot leaving us to take full advantage of our vacation. ;)  We could even be 2 for 2 of bringing a baby back from a trip to WDW. :D See, silver linings.  Actually lots of silver linings.  Now we don't have to worry about figuring out duty. I don't have to spend two weeks this month with false pregnancy symptoms (from the HCG shot). I won't have to decide whether or not to take a pregnancy test daily. These little things make me happy.  It's easy to say I give up, but to actually do it, well not so much.  This cycle and the sequestration combine to give me some hope that we're not yet giving up on our dream of another baby.


  1. Aw, Sara. One quote that I always clung to when Shane and I were trying was "When the world says 'give up,' hope whispers "try one more time.'"

    You got this, girl.

  2. There needs to be a "like" button for comments. Thanks sweets!

  3. I think about you daily, hun. Hang in there. It sounds like things are coming together

  4. Good for you for finding the positive in the situation. I always expect the unexpected when it comes to treatments because {for me} things rarely goes as planned. As least you have a bit of hope! Thinking about you!